Why Do Dogs Eat Plants?

  • Date: October 3, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Why Do Dogs Eat Plants?

Here is the Interesting Answer

If your beloved canine is displaying a strange behavior like eating a plant such as grass, then you don’t have to worry, for its common behavior among dogs.

It was found recently by a study that it’s not limited to a breed and diet or sex. Their favorite non-edible food can be grass. There’s a possibility that your dog may begin developing a personal preference for a type of grass. For instance, sweet grass. Around 70% of dogs had eaten a plant in their lifetime, the study had concluded. 

Eating a plant is more common among wild breeds than domestic. This condition is known as pica. Also, it’s less common in cats than in dogs. The trend of eating plants is more common, on the contrary, among younger dogs, where they may focus more on plants other than grass.

Let’s throw some light on the reasons why do dogs eat plants!

1. Nutrient Deficiency

You may be unaware of it, but your commercial dog food can contain fillers. They may appear productive, but it may not be fulfilling your canine needs. In case of nutrient deficiency, your dog may treat plants as a source of nutrients from instinct. .

2. UnderlyingIllness

The study further found that the dogs that displayed illness symptoms vomited after eating plants. The illness symptoms disappeared afterward. Your canine can be eating a plant in the face of an underlying issue. For instance, it could be for gastrointestinal relief.

3. Inherited Behavior

Dogs were wild historically. Today, some breeds can be found wandering the savanna of Africa, pooling in packs after a hunt. Dogs are actually omnivorous from their eating habits. In other words, they are comfortable with meat and plant-based food.

It was common for their ancestors to eat plants. The genetic trait may have passed from their ancestors into your domesticated pet. There’s nothing to worry about, for their behavior can be instinctive.

4. Taking Precautions

It would be best if you are careful about using fertilizer, herbicides, or pesticides for your canine’s safety. Also, ensure that a toxic plant specie does not domesticate your garden. It’s essential for your beloved canine health that he’s checked by a veterinary for nutrient deficiency and other requirements in a year or two, or as deemed fit by your health advisor.

Final Words:

Eating a plant or two is normal behavior among dogs. The issue gets complicated when the behavior is frequent. You should contact the health specialist in this case. It could be a sign of an underlying illness.