Why Do Dogs Bark At Vacuum Cleaners

  • Date: October 3, 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Why Do Dogs Bark At Vacuum Cleaners?

So you recently shopped for a vacuum cleaner to carry out the exasperating household cleaning chores in a breeze, that’s the perfect way to bring ease into your busy lifestyle.

But oh! Seems like your doggy isn’t happy with your vacuum cleaner. He’s just barking and barking and barking. It appears it’ll never stop until you switch off the vacuum cleaner.

Well, my dear friends, we share the same boat here. I still remember the day when I bought my first vacuum cleaner home and fluffy (that’s what I call my dog) was growling and barking so furiously that it seemed fluffy would tear the cleaner to pieces any next second.

And I, all puzzled over the unending drama, was losing my head. That’s where I started looking for answers. Did I manage to mediate this fierce battle between fluffy and the vacuum cleaner? Fortunately, yes.

Want to know why do dogs bark at vacuums cleaners?

Perfect, let me pour down the reasons.

Why Do Dogs Bark At Vacuum Cleaners?

Dogs have very acute and sharp senses; that’s one of the foremost reasons why they find vacuum cleaners highly disturbing. The reason is then coupled with the fact that domestic dogs aren’t familiar with vacuum cleaners since their birth; thus, it gets tough for them to cope with such loud machines later.

A dog is highly watchful in nature; whenever it comes across anything suspicious, it starts barking at it, to show its aggression. And that goes quite similar in the case of a vacuum cleaner. It’s loud and big, turning a machine into a bizarre enemy.

Dogs have this remarkable herding instinct. It’s this instinct that dogs get into a confront mode whenever they confront an intruder. And nothing could make a better intruder than this loud, distressing and troubling noise of your vacuum cleaner.

Similarly, since dogs have an incredible sense of smell, the smell of debris and dust flying around due to cleaning is also one of the motives why dogs bark at vacuum or sometimes hide somewhere in the house.

How Do I Get my Dog to Stop Barking at the Vacuum?

There are many suggestions from experts in this regard. Suppose you’re looking for the easiest way out. The best thing to do would be to take your dog to a distant room where it can’t hear the depressing noise of the vacuum cleaner. However, those who want to get rid of this menace once for all can also train their dog in a way it doesn’t consider it a threat anymore. Though it’s time-consuming as you’ll have to follow a proper procedure but everlasting.

Final Words:

Your puppy barking at a vacuum could be highly bothersome for you. However, after coming to know of the reasons and possible solutions, you can save yourself from a lot of fuss. I hope you found the above guide enlightening and helping.