How to Make A Dog Sleep

  • Date: October 22, 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

How to Make A Dog Sleep

Like most of the animals, dogs follow a polyphasic sleep pattern. Their flexible sleeping ability helps them to fall asleep almost anywhere. Usually, an adult dog sleeps 12 to 14 hours a day. Breeds like Saint Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dogs sleep longer. They can adapt our lifestyle with their sleep cycle, and that’s what they do.

Like humans, dogs are most active throughout the day and sleep at night. Dogs rarely cause any problem with sleeping. But some owners wondering whether if there are some techniques that will help their dog to sleep quickly. In this article, we will discuss six tips to help with this issue.

Provide your dog with plenty of exercises

Exercise is essential for your dog to sleep instantly. Different breeds require different exercise schedules and activities. On average, your dog needs exercise between half an hour to 2 hours of activity every day. Breeds like Retrievers and Collies require more exercise because of their size. A long walk with your dog before going to sleep can ensure a sound sleep for both of you.

Proper feeding schedule

Offering food just before going to bed should be avoided. This will produce energy inside of your dog’s body and will interfere with his normal sleeping pattern. For an instant sleep, it’s required to tiring up the dog, but offering food can fuelling him to continue moving around and playing.

Using proper dog beds for sleep

Dog beds are specially designed for better sleeping of your dog. For example, a senior dog requires orthopedic dog beds, a hypothermic dog requires heated dog beds, and the hyperthermic dog needed cooled dog beds for their better and instant sleep.

Using music therapy for instant sleep

It’s scientifically proved that a dog’s brain responds well to music therapy. Similar to humans, soft music helps dogs to become calm and aids in sleeping. You can download many pet therapy music over the internet.

Using essential oils and sleeping aid

The calming effect of some essential oils like Cedarwood oil and Lavender oil can help your dog to sleep quietly. You can put over the oil in your dog’s crate. Some dogs suffer to have a sound sleep. In this case, you can use sleeping pills to make them sleep promptly.

Establishing a proper place for dog sleep

If there is no fixed place for your dog’s sleep, they will become confused about where to sleep. Placing a crate is compulsory to make them comfortable while sleeping. You should put a dog bed with plenty of padding and blankets in their crate so they enjoy sleeping. Proper crate training is also necessary until your dog gets used to it.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you can establish a night-time routine that will help your dog to set up a mindset in going to sleep. A night of proper sleep can help your dog to recover quickly and become fully active on the next day.