Dogs That Don’t Shed

  • Date: September 26, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Best Dogs that Don’t Shed [Low Shedding Mixed-Breed Dogs]

Thinking to change a homeless dog’s whole world by adopting him but, on the other hand, don’t want to trigger allergies in your family? Well, that’s where non-shedding and hypoallergenic dogs come into the picture.

If you don’t like picking fur off your clothes or allergic to dogs that shed much, choosing your partner from the following top 5 hypoallergenic dog breeds might be your best bet.

Best of all?

These 5 cutest Low Shedding dogs will make you happy all day without leaving all of their fur everywhere. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Cutest Hypoallergenic Dogs that Don’t Shed


Dogs that Don't Shed

Basenji, a medium-size African breed, comes with short, fine hair that needs only minimal, infrequent grooming and doesn’t shed. They are full of energy, love to hunt, and might be the best choice if dog barking drives you crazy.

If you love to train dogs, Basenji will be your right partner. For an amateur, impatient, or overbearing owner, a basenji is likely not to work out well.

What makes Basenji special?

Thanks to their self-grooming habit, that allows us to count it in the cleanest dogs’ category. They don’t need much help when it comes to cleaning. They love to keep themselves clean as gentlemen.

Shih Tzu

Dogs That Don’t Shed

Shih Tzus have been stealing the heart of dog lovers due to their show-stopping hair, which actually has two layers. One is the topcoat, which can grow to be quite long and quite silky; the second is the undercoat that is soft and fluffy.  Despite all that hair, this cute breed is said to shed less than others and often only when washed or brushed.

Taking about their personality, Shih Tzu loves to make new friends, alert and will study your face when you talk to them. Since Shih Tzus come in a small size, they can be comfortably carried around. Plus, this quality makes this adorable breed the best companion for hodophiles.

Maltese Terrier

Dogs That Don’t Shed

You’ll lose your mind after seeing their gorgeous white silky coats, which add a unique touch to Maltese Terriers lookAfter deep research, we realized that they shed less than other terrier breeds, making the Maltese Terrier the ideal companion for people who don’t like excessive shedding.

Maltese is not just about straight and thick coat that falls all the way to the floor. They are social, friendly to kids, and know well how to make every family member happy with their cute faces.

Peruvian Incha Orchid

Dogs That Don’t Shed

You may find Peruvian Inca Orchid either hairless or coated, which makes this breed ideal for people with allergies. The breed can be adopted in small, medium, and large sizes. Their standard allows for a little hair on the tip of the tail, head, and feet.

Their particular disposition makes them unique from other breeds, and weighs from 8 to 55 pounds. They don’t like to sit in one place and own a clever sense of humor.


Dogs That Don’t Shed

The main reason why this cute breed doesn’t shed much because they have hair, not fur. People love Poodle because of their snazzy hair and outward appearance.

Besides their look, Poodle has so many amazing talents that are worth discussing. Poodles were known as duck hunters because of their smart skills. They were trained to bring ducks and other birds back to their instructors. In short, this smart breed was originally bred to be water retrievers.

Want to know the best part?

A variety of hairstyles can be made in poodles’ hair. All you have to do is to grab the best scissors and follow the right direction, and you’re all done.