Do Dogs Dream?

  • Date: October 8, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Do Dogs Dream?

Your dog just twitched his legs during sleep, and you think he might be dreaming? Well, that’s not a wrong guess. Does your dog dream? Of course, they do. And surprisingly, they dream the same way as we do. Yeah, that’s true. So next time your dog starts moving his tail or leg when asleep, it’s possible he’s still playing with his beloved ball in his sleep.

You don’t believe it, right? Alright! You’ll definitely believe if the information is coming out of MIT, an institute that’s been leading in carrying out such researches for decades. It all started in 2011, thanks to the curious researchers in MIT and those rats which were trained to run a maze. The researchers then measured the brain activity of rats during this activity. To draw parallels, they measured the brain activity of rats during sleep as well.

The results were astonishing. They found out the brain activity was the same in both cases. Thus helping researchers conclude rats were running the maze even in their sleep. As dogs are less complexed than rats, researchers assume that dogs do dream the way rats and cats do.

However, there is no enough scientific evidence to prove that animals dream exactly the same way as we do. But there is enough evidence for the fact that animals dream about the actual experiences of their lives.

How to tell a dog is dreaming?

Is he barking or twitching his legs during sleep? That’s how they dream. However, it might be different for dogs of different breeds. A pointer would start searching for something in a dream. While a Springer Spaniel may be hunting down his favourite bird.

Moreover, according to scientists, the best way to know whether a dog is dreaming, irrespective of the breed, is to simply observe them for 10 to 20 minutes of their beginning sleeping time. If their eyes start moving behind their eyelids, wow! They’re dreaming.

Who know he’s dreaming about you! Beautiful! Isn’t it?