Clicker Dog Training – Getting Started Clicker Training

  • Date: July 7, 2020
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Clicker Dog Training – Getting Started Clicker Training
By Brian E Benson

Clicker dog training is one of the best ways to train a dog to learn good behavior or new tricks. It works well because of its gentle approach and is a very handy tool for pet owners or even those who want to become a dog trainer. Clicker dog training requires clicker for dogs, treats or rewards, and of course patience from the trainer.

Clicker obedience training is a good way of training pet dogs to repeat desired actions. It enhances the command of the trainer and makes it easier for the dog to follow each command. Further, the clickers for dogs are named as such because of the clicking sound produced by a metal contained inside a box when the small box is pressed. The dog clicker’s sound is very distinguishable for the dogs being trained so it can work faster than praise or commands.

Getting Started with Clicker Dog Training

Props. The primary things that the trainer should prepare for the clicker training are the clicker, food or dog treats to be used as reward. Clicker training basics also require the attention, observation and patience of the owner or the pet trainer.

Observation. The first thing that the trainer can do during the clicker training lessons is to carefully observe the dog for any particular actions. When the trainer catches the dog doing a basic action like sitting, the trainer can press the pet clicker then give the dog a reward; this is the beginning of the dog training.

Patterns. After the observation process, the trainer can continue by following the beginning pattern until the pet dogs connect the action they do, the sound of the pet training clicker and the pet treats or reward that comes after. Dogs are one of the wisest animals so it will be easy for them to catch on the pattern.

Test. The trainer can test if the pet has already caught on the dog training by getting his attention with the sound from the training clicker. Any signs of response from the dog mean that the pet has already caught on the pattern and the trainer can now introduce verbal commands. In this way, the dog can associate the word with the click-and-reward pattern and the dog clicker trainer can get on to other verbal commands.

The Advantages of Using a Dog Clicker

  • Using dog clickers means less touching of the dog so the pets will not feel stressed or forced to do something that they don’t understand. Learning how to use a clicker for dog training will not be very tiresome or frustrating for both parties because the dog is allowed to act on its own while the trainer just observes the pet’s actions.
  • Pet training with a clicker is also a gentle approach so it is safe for smaller pets like puppies. This type of training doesn’t need the use of any punishments or coercive methods to make the dog follow the trainer’s commands. Pets also respond better to training clickers and trainers who treat them with respect. This also means that clicker dog training tricks will be easier to teach because respectful trainers gain the pet’s trust.
  • The trainer needs to be patient enough to go through the pet training pattern over and over again until the dog understands it. Once the dogs begin to associate actions like sitting or standing with the training clicker, verbal demand and the reward, it will be more convenient for the trainer to teach other tricks.
  • With the use of dog clickers the trainer doesn’t have to use forceful techniques anymore. This makes the clicker training more rewarding and will help build a better relationship between the pet and the owner or trainer. The trainer can also incorporate the training to playtime with pets later on.

Training with a clicker is very valuable not only during the training process but also thereafter. The pets are taught to be obedient so they will not do unpleasing behaviors anymore so it will be more convenient for the owner. Meanwhile, the trainer can make the pet follow instructions more easily so they’ll be safe from anything that might harm them. The clicker dog training is a very wise consideration for pet owners or trainers and they can see the good results for themselves.

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